The Tolkien Road – Ep. 65 – The Lord of the Rings – B2C4 – A Journey in the Dark

Concerning “A Journey in the Dark”, Book 2, Chapter 4 of The Lord of the Rings…


Hey there fellow travelers! Welcome to The Tolkien Road, a long walk through the works and philosophy of J.R.R. Tolkien. On this episode, we continue through The Lord of the Rings with Book 2, Chapter 4, “A Journey in the Dark.” By the way, if you haven’t already, please leave The Tolkien Road a rating and feedback on iTunes. We’d love to know what you think of the podcast. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion…

  • Shout-Outs (Kira, Greg UK, James L, Chris M-S) – 5:00
  • Which Path? – 14:30
  • The Wolves – 20:00
  • Bill – 24:30
  • The Door – 28:00
  • The Watcher in the Water – 36:30
  • A Long Walk in the Dark – 41:30
  • The Drums – 45:30
  • Gimli’s song – 55:45
  • Mithril – 59:00
  • The Follower – 1:02:30
  • Balin’s tomb – 1:05:15
  • Haiku Time – 1:08:20



3 thoughts on “The Tolkien Road – Ep. 65 – The Lord of the Rings – B2C4 – A Journey in the Dark

  1. Mr. Carswell,
    In regards to my questions that I had given to you, they were answered throughout the course of the Language podcast episode. No need to apologize 🙂 I know you hear from me quite a bit, but I just want you and Mrs. Carswell to know that I really appreciate all your efforts when it comes to this podcast. Ever since I read The Lord of the Rings, I have developed a deep love for Tolkien and his works. Your podcast has given me the opportunity to weekly learn something new about Tolkien, his literary works, and especially his languages. So yet again, I thank you for all the work you and your wife put into The Tolkien Road!!!
    Side note: I am currently learning Quenya from Helge Fauskanger’s site, Ardalambion. (That is how I can put tiny bits of Quenya into my haikus now and then). There is a complete 20-lesson course on Quenya that you can take, and it is quite interesting!!
    Now I have some haiku for the next episode:

    Ghâsh, doom, Durin’s Bane
    Becomes Mithrandir’s Bane.
    Last command, “Fly, you fools!”

    “We cannot get out.”
    Thus ends Balin’s reign in Moria
    They have come

    Lastly, I wanted to say that I very much like your new haiku system!
    ~Mary Grace


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