The Tolkien Road – Ep88 – The Lord of the Rings – B3C5 – The White Rider – Pt2

Concerning “The White Rider”, Book 3, Chapter 5 of The Lord of the Rings, from Gandalf’s demonslaying to Galadriel’s tidings…


Hey there fellow travelers! Welcome to The Tolkien Road, a long walk through Middle-earth. On this episode, we continue our journey through The Lord of the Rings with the second part of Book 3, Chapter 5, “The White Rider.” By the way, if you haven’t already, please leave The Tolkien Road a rating and feedback on iTunes. We’d love to know what you think of the podcast. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion…

  • Announcements, Correspondence, etc. – 1:00
  • Concerning Boromir – 23:30
  • Saruman and the Ring – 27:30
  • Treebeard and the Ents – 35:00
  • War Is Upon Us – 46:30
  • Gandalf vs. the Balrog – 51:00
  • Galadriel’s Tidings – 1:00:00
  • Shadowfax – 1:04:00
  • Haiku Time – 1:11:30



6 thoughts on “The Tolkien Road – Ep88 – The Lord of the Rings – B3C5 – The White Rider – Pt2

  1. Greetings again!

    Here are my haiku’s for The King of the Golden Hall part 1. I think these should go with the first part if you stop where I think you will stop. But I was wondering with these split episodes if we could know ahead of time where you are stopping in the chapter. So that way we know exactly what part to write our haiku’s for. Thanks!

    Courts of Edoras.
    Meduseld the Golden Hall.
    Théoden waits there.

    A King bent with age,
    An old Wizard with a staff,
    And a witless Worm.


  2. ​Mr. Carswell,
    I have written a haiku and a kind-of-long-ish poem for part one of The King of the Golden Hall.
    A note: I don’t know if this is an answer to your questions about Shadowfax, but in the Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien (letter 168): “I think that Shadowfax went with Gandalf [across the Sea], though this is not stated…………Shadowfax came of a special race being as it were an Elvish equivalent of ordinary horses: his blood came from ‘West over Sea.'” Thus, your point about Shadowfax being a horse of Orome might be nearer the truth. I shall do more research and find out.

    Hope not for admittance!
    Dark days we live in. Yet
    White Rider brings light.

    Legolas! What do your elf-eyes see?
    I see green valleys and bold blond riders
    Who ride like the wind and in their eyes is fire
    A stream trickles down from the mountain of snow
    A golden palace! It is there we must go.
    Legolas! What do your elf-eyes see?
    I see smoke rising from battles afar
    Which black like the night covers the stars
    Veils all hope and slackens those standing tall
    I see war in Rohan, destruction upon all.

    ~Mary Grace
    P.S. I figured out which episode it is, please disregard my former email 🙂


    1. P.S. I did not know sophomore meant “wise fool.” Fun fact: I’m a sophomore in high school 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


  3. Greetings Carswells

    Hopefully I’m just in time to get a haiku in for this week’s episode. I need to actually pick the books up and start reading them again as the only one I’ve re-read recently is The Silmarillion. I’m halfway through some Pratchett at the moment though so maybe in the new year. Anyway:

    Twisted as sinew
    Deep as mountain roots
    Edoras lays befouled

    I’m counting befouled as two syllables; and the words are those of Saruman (I love Christopher Lee’s voice, what a guy!)

    And as for the great brooch debate (it’s old news now, I know). It’s spelt brooch but pronounced broach. The English language is a fickle mistress.

    Even though I don’t contribute every week (I do mean to but the days just seem to disappear) it feels like I do because you keep singing the haiku theme tune (and nailing it).

    Many thanks

    Greg UK


  4. Hi John and Greta!
    This might be too late to make it on your next show, (perhaps episode 90), but I’ve found some information regarding Shadowfax’s backstory in Appendix A Part II, which describes how King Eorl of the Mark tames Felaróf, a wild horse who had killed Eorl’s father Léod. Eorl later rides Felaróf to the aid of Gondor in the battle of Calenardhon, and the breed of horses descended from Felaróf became the Mearas, the Horses of the Kings of Rohan. Shadowfax is called the greatest of these, and it says of their ancestry, “Men said of them that Béma (whom the Eldar call Oromë) must have brought their sire from West over Sea.” So it seems that your guess about Oromë’s horses was indeed correct. Great job with this episode. -MATS


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