3 Ways True Myths Will Be Changing in 2017

Contrary to what it may appear, I do not spend every waking moment of my life thinking about Tolkien. In fact, late last year, I tried to launch another blog that would cover every interest of mine *NOT* having to do with Tolkien. Though that blog never really gained traction, over the last few months, I’ve had the epiphany that there really is no good reason I couldn’t be blogging about all those other things over here.

This is not the end.
Don’t worry. This is not the end.

Now before I tell you about what will be changing, let me assure you that one very important thing won’t be changing: I’ll still be writing a lot about Tolkien. In fact, I’m working on another book about one of Tolkien’s most important works right now, and I can’t wait until it’s at a point where I’m ready to tell you more about it. Like Tolkien’s Requiem, I think it’s going to stand out as a truly unique work. And with the release of Beren and Lúthien coming next year, there’s so much more to say about that story.

Now, without further ado, here are the 3 things I will be writing more about next year:


I am an inveterate music lover. Several years ago, I had a music blog where I would write about my favorite records. I gave it up for some reason, but for the last year I have been hungry to undertake writing about music again. I will be writing about the music I love from a very personal perspective, because I really can’t stand “3rd party omniscient/God’s eye view” music criticism. For a hint at my musical taste, here’s a list of some albums I particularly love. That list could be much longer.

I’ve also mentioned my music project (pale horse sailor) here before, and there’s a lot to come from PHS (that’s what all the tastemakers are calling it – Kanye’s idea) in 2017. I’m very excited about sharing my own music with you. Please do check out my songs “Vingilot” and “Bad Ghost”.


I have always been a Christian, and my faith remains the center of my life. A few years back, I joined the Catholic Church, and that has exposed me to an incredible depth and richness in Christianity that I had no idea existed. Still, one of the reasons I’ve struggled with writing about Christian things here on TrueMyths is because I didn’t want my writing on these matters to be for Catholics (or Christians) only. While I do consider myself an orthodox Catholic, I very much believe that the truths of Christianity and the person of Jesus Christ are for every human being. I hope to explore Christianity in such a way as to help fellow Christians on their respective journeys, but I also hope to open it up to anyone who stumbles across this blog, no matter what their religious affiliation is. In addition to my continuing exploration of Tolkien’s faith, you’ll probably find me writing about the thought of Christian greats such as St. John the Apostle, C.S. Lewis and Thomas Merton (among many others).

Everything Else

Though my focus will mainly concern Tolkien, Music and Christianity, I often feel a need to write about things that don’t fit into one of these categories. Therefore, from time to time, I’ll be writing about my perspective on matters ranging from movies (Star Wars! Raising Arizona!) to TV shows (Star Trek! Breaking Bad! Fargo!) to classic video games (Zelda! Star Control 2!) to being a dad (Awesome! Lots of work!) to sports (Let’s Go O’s!) to great (non-Tolkienian) literature to astronomy to quantum physics to cute pictures of kittens to whatever else the spirit moves me to write about. One thing my Christian faith inspires in me is the idea that everything is imbued with a deep sense of meaning and is a means for discovering and deepening our knowledge of the eternal. Even cute pictures of kittens (maybe especially cute pictures of kittens).

Obviously this is profound and worthy of contemplation.
Obviously this is profound and worthy of contemplation.

The tagline I’ve been using in my own head for all this? “Mystical mutterings on Tolkien, Music, Christianity, and Everything Else.” It’s wordy, but it fits. I’m quite excited about what the next year will hold, and I invite you to bookmark or feedburn this site and to tell others about it.


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