The Tolkien Road – Ep97 – The Lord of the Rings – B3C11 – The Palantír

Concerning “The Palantír”, from the ways of Wizards to the strides of Shadowfax…


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The Tolkien Road – Ep86 – The Lord of the Rings – B3C4 – Treebeard – Pt3

Concerning “Treebeard”, Book 3, Chapter 4 of The Lord of the Rings, from Entmoot to Ent-march…


Hey there fellow travelers! Welcome to The Tolkien Road, a long walk through Middle-earth. On this episode, we continue our journey through The Lord of the Rings with the third part of Book 3, Chapter 4, “Treebeard.” By the way, if you haven’t already, please leave The Tolkien Road a rating and feedback on iTunes. We’d love to know what you think of the podcast. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion…

  • Announcements, correspondence, etc – 1:00
  • An important matter – 10:30
  • Entmoot – 13:00
  • Merry and Pippin Discuss Isengard & the Ents – 21:00
  • Bregalad the Hasty – 24:45
  • The Ents on the March! – 31:00
  • Haiku – 42:45